Welcome world!

I am LaGloria and this is my family blog. I am the mother of five fabulous children all of whom rock my world and shake up my soul! I am the founder of Special Needs Siblings, Inc. I am a writer, a speaker, and an advocate for autism, epilepsy, and special needs siblings. This site is to show the family behind the movement. The motivation. I am here bold, faulty, and free.


Now, I wish I could say motherhood has always been such a joy and I live everyday to the fullest with my crew. But then I would lying, hell I’d be hiding. I would be hiding behind a mask … What mask would that be? The plastered smile. The infamous, ‘everything is fine’. The stay strong because you cannot afford to look weak. Those vulnerable moments you hope no one sees, but creep their way into your head and heart. No! No! No! It is time to break down that wall and open the dialogue into postpartum depression, anxiety over fears, pasts failures, and missed connections. I cannot speak for every mother out here, but I can share my story… and perhaps in doing so give another mother the courage to live her truth unapologetically.


I am a special needs mother. My eldest son has both autism and epilepsy. I am a twin mother. My youngest pair came as a package deal, 2 for for 1! I am a special needs sibling mother. My second and third opened my eyes to a whole other part within a special needs family. I am myself. The woman before children. The woman I forgot long ago.  I am a fighter. The woman I am now reclaiming her voice and throne on a daily basis. Now, the blog is not about regret, this is reflection acknowledging where I have been, owning my truths, and moving forward in fullness.


Join me on my journey through motherhood. The ups and downs. The fears, the fantasies and all the funny flops in between. This is not going to be pretty, but it will be real! I look forward to meeting more mothers, fathers, siblings, families that understand or are seeking to understand what it means to be in a special needs family.




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