Welcome to Special Needs Siblings!

We are Special Needs Siblings and we are so glad you came by to visit us! Special Needs Siblings is a grassroots community that began in April 2015. I am a mother of five, one of whom has autism and epilepsy. In simplicity that is where it all began, with them. I will be taking time to talk about each of my children and the different reasons why I began this organization with greater detail in upcoming posts. FIRST, I want to humbly thank you and welcome you to our page! Whether you just stumbled upon us or purposefully searched and found… we are glad you made it!

Special Needs Siblings, SNS, are an elite group of individuals. They were chosen by fate to enter into families that are challenging and equally as rewarding. Our siblings are privy to from youth to elder to accompany their Special Needs Sibs on journeys throughout life. We want to honor, cherish, and encourage our siblings that are in the group! You are seen. You are heard. You are not alone. We appreciate your patience, your persistence, your passion but equally acknowledge you frustrations, your feelings and your concerns. This is a place for you to be YOU! It is okay to not be okay! We know the love you have for your siblings far outweighs those mad moments!


As hard as we try as parents we simply do not always get it right! This place is for parents to praise their siblings as well! Let us know how they are doing, anything they have participated in! We look forward to sharing your stories, sharing our insights, and just building long last friendships with siblings around the world!






13 thoughts on “Welcome to Special Needs Siblings!”

  1. So nice to find this…the siblings of special needs children so often get left behind and there is a truly valid need to recognize them in many different ways. Several years ago, I founded a support group for special needs families and this was one of the biggest aspects of it – having something for the siblings, which I couldn’t find anywhere else with any other group. And I found it was a major concern for most families, and the main reason more parents don’t seek out help, because they feel they have nothing for their children who do not have special needs. Thanks for filling a void!

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  2. This is a wonderful idea. I wish this kind of support was available when I was a child. I am the oldest of 4 kids all born within 5 years. My 2nd born brother is autistic. I have searched for awhile to find others like me and have returned empty until now. I often write about my experiences growing up, but it still is difficult to talk about. Thanks again for remembering the siblings. It is very necessary and often overlooked.

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